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Welcome to the LIPS International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research! As a pioneering publication in the realm of interdisciplinary research, our journal serves as a hub for scholars, researchers, and practitioners from diverse fields to explore the intersections and collaborations between various disciplines. We believe that true innovation and meaningful advancements occur at the intersection of different knowledge domains, and it is our mission to foster a vibrant intellectual community that encourages the exchange of ideas, methodologies, and findings across disciplines.

Our journal provides a platform for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, spanning a wide range of subjects such as science, technology, social sciences, humanities, arts, and beyond. By embracing interdisciplinary approaches, we aim to address complex real-world challenges, enhance understanding, and contribute to the collective knowledge base. We invite scholars and practitioners from all corners of the globe to share their novel insights, empirical studies, theoretical frameworks, and innovative methodologies, thereby enriching the interdisciplinary discourse.

At LIPS International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, we prioritize the rigor and excellence of scholarly work. Our rigorous peer-review process ensures that published articles meet the highest standards of academic quality. Moreover, we strive to promote inclusivity and diversity, welcoming contributions from both established academics and emerging researchers. By encouraging cross-pollination of ideas, we foster collaborations that transcend disciplinary boundaries and spark transformative discoveries.

As an interdisciplinary journal, we recognize the immense value of interdisciplinary research in addressing complex societal issues and driving progress. By embracing diverse perspectives and integrating knowledge from different disciplines, we can uncover new insights, challenge traditional boundaries, and pave the way for innovation and holistic problem-solving. We invite you to explore our journal, engage in the interdisciplinary discourse, and be a part of the exciting journey of interdisciplinary research at LIPS International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research.

Paper Submission Process:

  1. Download the full paper template here.
  2. Prepare full paper in word format (.docx)
  3. Submit the full paper via email to [email protected]
  4. Our editorial team will review your submission and will communicate further instructions via email.

Editorial Board:

Chief Editor

Dr. P. Ebby Darney
Vice President LIPS Research
Trust Area of Research: Electrical and Electronics: Fuzzy-Based Commutation- Power Factor Correction- Power quality improvement- Artificial intelligence

Associate Editors

Prof. Dr. Ugur GUVEN
Professor & Advisory Council Member UN CSSTEAP -USA
Trust Area of Research: Space Technology & Interstellar Travel, Nuclear Propulsion, Advanced Rocket Propulsion

Prof. Dr. K. Jayaraman
Middle East technical university -Ankara, Turkey.
Trust Area of Research: Aerospace Propulsion, Metal combustion, Hydrogen generation, Coal gasification, Kinetics

Dr. M. Senthil Kumar
Senior Advisor, LIPS Research Foundation
Trust Area of Research: Mechanical engineering

Dr. Abhinav Kumar
Scientific Officer, Dept. of Nuclear & Renewable Energy, Ural Federal University, Russia.
Trust Area of Research: Cryogenics, Superconductivity, Concrete Structures, Energy Storage, Solar Energy, Fluid-Flow.

Dr. I. Jeena Jacob
Trust Area of  Research:  Biometric template  security-  Hyper  spectral  image classification-  Coloured
Texture Pattern

Editorial Board Members

Dr. A. Sandy Subala
Adjunct Faculty & Research Supervisor LIPS Research – South Africa
Trust Area of Research : Chemistry, structure determines their structural formula, Physical Chemistry, organic chemistry

Dr. Ehsan Arshid
Adjunct Faculty & Research Supervisor LIPS -USA
Trust Area of Research: Mechanical Engineering

Dr. J. Sahaya Ruben
Research Supervisor LIPS Research INDIA
Trust  Area  of  Research:  latex  treated  waste  coir  fiber-  Concrete  Reinforced  with  Hybrid  Fibers- Reinforcement Material increment

Director – Research Center,
Professor, Faculty of Humanities & Pedagogy,
Turan International University, Namangan, Uzbekistan.
Trust Area of Research: Literary Sex & Sexuality, Feminism, Indian & Contemporary Literature, Research
Methodology, Modernism,Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Dr. Bhavin Kumar
Research Supervisor LIPS Research INDIA
Trust  Area  of  Research:    Life  Sciences:  Biotechnology  Proteomics,  Genomics,  Molecular  Biology, Biochemistry

Research Supervisor LIPS Research INDIA
Trust Area of Research:   Banking Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Accounting, Taxation Law and Practice, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Research Methodology

Dr. Paul Russel
Research Supervisor LIPS Research INDIA
Trust Area of Research: Approved in Airbus A320/A 318/A319/A321, A 320 NEO, A300 B2/B4 and Boeing
737 Classic and Boeing 737 – 600/700/800/900 aircraft and Engines V2500, CFM 56 – 5B, CFM 56 -7B, LEAP 1A and JT8D. (DGCA and EASA

Dr. Mamataben Soni
Research Supervisor LIPS Research INDIA
Trust Area of Research:  Astrophysics: Neutron star, Black hole, Electronics, Quantum physics, Classical mechanics, Pulsar, Sunspot, applied physics

Dr. Anantha Raman L.
Research Supervisor LIPS
Trust Area of Research:   Thermal Engineering

Dr. A. Vegi Fernando
Program Coordinator – LIPS School Of Business
Trust Area of Research:  Micro controller, brand management

Dr. Roktim Sarmah
Research Supervisor & Adjunct Faculty
Trust Area of Research:  – Management studies

Dr. H. Sandeep
Research Supervisor LIPS Research INDIA
Trust Area of Research:   Polymer Composites, Composite Materials processing, Powder Metallurgy, Additive Manufacturing, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Material synthesis and Characterization, Tribology.

Volume 1 Issue 1 (June 2023):

Formulation and Evaluation of an Anti-Aging Serum Using Grape Pomace Extract_ A Natural Source for Anti-Aging Cosmeceuticals

Mrs. Sakina Yusuf Punjab, JV Muruga Lal Jeyan, Ms. Jyothi NT

A review of toxic chemicals in cosmetics that harms the environment and mankind

Mrs. Sakina Yusuf Punjab, JV Muruga Lal Jeyan, Ms. Jyothi NT

Extraction and Evaluation of Resveratrol from Grape Pomace obtained from by-product of wineries, A Sustainable and Cost-Effective Source for Anti-Aging Formulations

Mrs. Sakina Yusuf Punjab, Dr. JV Muruga Lal Jeyan, Ms. Jyothi NT

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