ABYSS Institute of Cosmetic Science (AICS)

B3, Abyss Institute of Cosmetic Science,
Opp. Vakratund heights, Anusuya Nagar, Takli Road, Nashik, Maharashtra.

Top Board Members:

Dr. Sakina Yusuf Punjab
Founder and CEO Abyss Institute of Cosmetic Science
(B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. Cosmetic Science)

Mr. Yusuf Punjab
CFO Abyss Institute of Cosmetic Science
(B.Com., MBA Hospital Management)

Mr. Rohan Pawar
Research partner
(M.S. in Pharmaceutical Analysis)

Faculty / Trainers:

Dr. Sakina Punjab Ph.D.
EIU- Paris

Specialization: Cosmetic Science

Ms. Zainab Ezzy M.Sc.
Sandip University

Specialization: Cosmetic Science

Ms. Lamiya German B.Pharm.
Charak Institute of Pharmacy

Specialization: Pharmacy

Mr. Rohan Pawar M.S.

Specialization: Pharmaceutical Analysis

Chief Coordinator / SPOC:

Dr. Sakina Punjab

Chief Coordinator / SPOC

Phone: (+91) 9890-543-197 / (+91) 8788-912-484

Dr. Mrs. Sakina Punjab, an extraordinary Indian cosmetic maven whose passion for beauty and cosmetics transcends boundaries. Clad in her enchanting lab coat, she dances amidst test tubes and formulas, infusing her creations with love and a touch of magic. But there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Mrs. Punjab is not just any cosmetic enthusiast; she is an ardent environmentalist. With an unwavering commitment to preserving our planet, she tirelessly seeks out beauty products that leave the lightest footprint on Mother Earth. It is this burning desire that led her to embark on a remarkable journey as a PhD student at European international university- Paris. Driven by her unyielding passion, Mrs. Punjab has become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring cosmetologists all across India. Through the magnificent Abyss Institute of Cosmetic Science, a sanctuary of innovation and artistry, she nurtures and empowers future generations of cosmetic connoisseurs. Her love for the field knows no bounds.

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