Executive Board

Dr. M. Senthil Kumar
Senior Advisor, LIPS Research Foundation
Ms. Jyothi N.T.
Director & President - LIPS Research Foundation
Dr. P. Ebby Darney
Vice President - Research, LIPS Research & DL CARD
Brigadier P.S. Ramesh (Retd.)
Advisor of UAV & UAS Program and R&D Pioneer Expert in UAS , UAV and Surveillance Systems
Dr. Abhinav Kumar
International Research Supervisor - Scientific Officer, Dept. of Nuclear & Renewable Energy, Ural Federal University, Russia.
Dr. J.V. Muruga Lal Jeyan
Advisor, Advanced R&D and Innovative Sciences - EIU

[email protected]

Prof. Elangovan Rajagopalan
Senior Advisor – International Research Education

B.Sc. D.M.I.T, M.Tech. Ex. colleague of Dr. APJA Kalam
LIPS Research & European International University
[email protected]

Ms. Suman Rana
Brand Ambassador - LIPS Research

Gynaecologist & Actor at Bollywood

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Academic & Research Supervisors

Dr. I. Jeena Jacob
Research Supervisor – Biometric Template Security - India
Prof. Chandrakanth Kesha
Research Supervisor – Space Propulsion – Italy
Dr. Abhinav Kumar
International Research Supervisor - Scientific Officer, Dept. of Nuclear & Renewable Energy, Ural Federal University, Russia.
Dr. Anantha Raman L.
Research Supervisor – Thermal Engineering – India
Dr. Kalai Raja
Research Supervisor – Management Studies – India
Dr. Mamata Soni
Research Supervisor – Astrophysics– India
Dr. Bhavin Kumar
Research Supervisor –Life Science – India

Academic Advisory Board

  • Dr. M. Senthil Kumar, MIET – INDIA.
  • Mrs. Jyothi N T, President LIPS Research , Board Director – DL CARD
  • Prof. Dr. K. Jayaraman, Research Professor – Tübıtak Research Fellow, Middle East Technical University -Ankara, Turkey.
  • Prof. Dr. Ugur GUVEN, Professor & Advisory Council Member UN CSSTEAP.
  • Prof. Ramani R, CEO, Fluid Tech Solutions Inc- USA.
  • Dr. P. EBBY DARNEY– LIPS Vice President- Research.
  • Dr. J.V. Muruga Lal Jeyan – Advisor, International Research, EIU.
  • Dr. S. Nadaraja Pillai, SASTHRA UNIVERSITY- INDIA.
  • Mr. Raja Rajan, Academic Collaboration, LIPS Research & DL CARD

Approved Research Supervisors

Sl. No.Name of the SupervisorTrust Area of Research
1Prof. Dr. K. JayaramanResearch Professor – Tübıtak Research Fellow
Middle east technical university -Ankara, Turkey.
Broad Research Area: Aerospace Propulsion, Metal combustion, Hydrogen generation, Coal gasification, Kinetics
Major Research Area: Aerospace, Combustion, Energy, Gasification
2Prof. Dr. Ugur GUVENCurrent Designation: Professor & Advisory Council Member UN CSSTEAP
Broad Research Area: Space Technology & Interstellar Travel
Major Research Area: Nuclear Propulsion, Advanced Rocket Propulsion
3Dr. P.Ebby DarneyElectrical and Electronics: Fuzzy-Based Commutation- Power Factor Correction- Power quality improvement- Artificial intelligence 
4Dr. Suresh Kumar PaulianAvionics MAV: Pilot Vehicle Interface Design and Evaluation -Avionics Bird development to reduce flight test efforts  – Cockpit Interface Unit for Mission control and management  – Pilot Emergency procedure Design  – VR/AR/MR Simulator Technologies 
5Dr. Paul RusselAviation: Approved in Airbus A320/A 318/A319/A321, A 320 NEO, A300 B2/B4 and Boeing 737 Classic and Boeing 737 – 600/700/800/900 aircraft and Engines V2500, CFM 56 – 5B, CFM 56 -7B, LEAP 1A and  JT8D. (DGCA and EASA
6Dr. JV Muruga Lal JeyanAerospace: Flight stability UAV / MAV- Aerodynamics and flow measurements – Radiating shock layer- Ancient Aerospace- Aviation management
7Dr. I. Jeena JacobComputer Science: Biometric template security- Hyper spectral image classification- Coloured Texture Pattern 
8Dr. J. Sahaya RubenCivil Engineering: latex treated waste coir fiber- Concrete Reinforced with Hybrid Fibers- Reinforcement Material increment
9Dr. Jeba Sonia JArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science
10Dr. H. SandeepManufacturing: Polymer Composites, Composite Materials processing, Powder Metallurgy, Additive Manufacturing, Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Material synthesis and Characterization, Tribology.
11Dr. Dharun V SApplied Electronics: Speech signal processing , Medical image processing.
12Dr. Joseph PrabhuFluid Structure: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Structure Interacation, Ship Propulsion, Maneuvering Dynamics of Ships
13Dr. T. Sudarson Rama PerumalInformation and Communication Engineering: Waste Monitoring, communication system, thought power communication, navigation, Gis, human digital communication, voice modulation.
14Dr. Ganesan HMechanical Engineering: Optimization Technoque, Industrial Engineering, Morphological, Photoluminescence, Electrical and Photocatalytic Properties, Nanoparticles.
15Dr. Abhinav KumarMechanical Engineering: Cryogenics, Superconductivity, Concrete Structures, Energy Storage, Solar Energy, Fluid-Flow.
16Dr. Juhi B. UpadhyayPhysical Chemistry: Preparation of Resorcin[4]arene, Synthesis of Resorcin[4]arene, extraction study. Amino acid recognition , supramolecules, toxic metal ,colorimetric technique, Synthesis of copper macrocyclic , complex derivatives
17Dr. Mamataben SoniAstrophysics: Neutron star, Black hole , Electronics, Quantum physics, Classical mechanics,Pulsar, Sunspot, applied physics
18Dr. BhavinKumarLife Sciences: Biotechnology Proteomics, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
19Dr. K.KALAIRAJA M.Com., MBA., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Management: Banking Management , Customer Relationship Management, Financial Accounting, Taxation Law and Practice, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Research Methodology
20Dr. Amit Kumar ThakurMechanical Engineering: Thermal engineering – Heat transfer- Biodiesel – Fuel and gas combustions.
21Dr. Kabirdoss DeviFinance &Accounting: Econometric and mathematical module , business Operations, Marketing , Human Resource Management.
22Dr. S. B. M. PriyaCommunication System: Regression Analysis- Principle Component Analysis- MU MIMO Precoder Design- MIMO Beamforming- MU MIMO Physical Layer Design- Massive MIMO systems (5G)-MIMO channel estimation-Analysis of MU MIMO with imperfect estimation- Deep Neural Networks- Markov Chain models

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