Executive Board

Dr. M. Senthil Kumar
Senior Advisor, LIPS Research Foundation
Ms. Jyothi N.T.
Director & President - LIPS Research Foundation
Dr. P. Ebby Darney
Vice President - Research, LIPS Research & DL CARD
Brigadier P.S. Ramesh (Retd.)
Advisor of UAV & UAS Program and R&D Pioneer Expert in UAS , UAV and Surveillance Systems
Dr. Abhinav Kumar
International Research Supervisor - Scientific Officer, Dept. of Nuclear & Renewable Energy, Ural Federal University, Russia.
Dr. J.V. Muruga Lal Jeyan
Advisor, Advanced R&D and Innovative Sciences

[email protected]

Prof. Elangovan Rajagopalan
Senior Advisor – International Research Education

B.Sc. D.M.I.T, M.Tech. Ex. colleague of Dr. APJA Kalam
LIPS Research & European International University
[email protected]

Ms. Suman Rana
Brand Ambassador - LIPS Research

Gynaecologist & Actor at Bollywood

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Academic Consultants & Research Supervisors

Dr. I. Jeena Jacob
Research Supervisor – Biometric Template Security - India
Prof. Chandrakanth Kesha
Research Supervisor – Space Propulsion – Italy
Dr. Abhinav Kumar
International Research Supervisor - Scientific Officer, Dept. of Nuclear & Renewable Energy, Ural Federal University, Russia.
Dr. Anantha Raman L.
Research Supervisor – Thermal Engineering – India
Dr. Roktim Sarmah
Research Supervisor & Adjunct Faculty - Management studies
Dr. K. Kalai Raja
Research Supervisor – Management Studies – India
Dr. Mamata Soni
Research Supervisor – Astrophysics– India
Dr. Bhavin Kumar
Research Supervisor –Life Science – India
Dr. Ehsan Arshid
Adjunct Faculty – Mechanical Engineering
Dr. A. Sandy Subala
Adjunct Faculty – Chemistry
Dr. Akhila Rupesh
PhD., AeSi., MlRe, Aerodynamics, Aero Thermal Engineering

Academic Advisory Board

  • Dr. M. Senthil Kumar, MIET – INDIA.
  • Mrs. Jyothi N T, President LIPS Research , Board Director – DL CARD
  • Prof. Dr. K. Jayaraman, Research Professor – Tübıtak Research Fellow, Middle East Technical University -Ankara, Turkey.
  • Prof. Dr. Ugur GUVEN, Professor & Advisory Council Member UN CSSTEAP.
  • Prof. Ramani R, CEO, Fluid Tech Solutions Inc- USA.
  • Dr. P. Ebby Darney– LIPS Vice President- Research.
  • Dr. J.V. Muruga Lal Jeyan – Advisor, International Research, EIU.
  • Dr. S. Nadaraja Pillai, SASTHRA UNIVERSITY- INDIA.
  • Mr. Raja Rajan, Academic Collaboration, LIPS Research & DL CARD

Approved Research Supervisors

Sl. No.Name of the SupervisorTrust Area of Research
1Prof. Dr. K. JayaramanResearch Professor – Tübıtak Research Fellow
Middle east technical university -Ankara, Turkey.
Broad Research Area: Aerospace Propulsion, Metal combustion, Hydrogen generation, Coal gasification, Kinetics
Major Research Area: Aerospace, Combustion, Energy, Gasification
2Prof. Dr. Ugur GUVENCurrent Designation: Professor & Advisory Council Member UN CSSTEAP
Broad Research Area: Space Technology & Interstellar Travel
Major Research Area: Nuclear Propulsion, Advanced Rocket Propulsion
3Dr. BALAKRISHNA RCommunication Network: Analytical and experimental research in traffic
modelling. Optimal resource allocation in wireless access networks, and
distributed algorithms for wireless ad hoc networks and wireless sensor Networks
4Dr. P.Ebby DarneyElectrical and Electronics: Fuzzy-Based Commutation- Power Factor Correction- Power quality improvement- Artificial intelligence 
5Dr. Suresh Kumar PaulianAvionics MAV: Pilot Vehicle Interface Design and Evaluation -Avionics Bird development to reduce flight test efforts  – Cockpit Interface Unit for Mission control and management  – Pilot Emergency procedure Design  – VR/AR/MR Simulator Technologies 
6Dr. Paul RusselAviation: Approved in Airbus A320/A 318/A319/A321, A 320 NEO, A300 B2/B4 and Boeing 737 Classic and Boeing 737 – 600/700/800/900 aircraft and Engines V2500, CFM 56 – 5B, CFM 56 -7B, LEAP 1A and  JT8D. (DGCA and EASA
7Dr. JV Muruga Lal JeyanAerospace: Flight stability UAV / MAV- Aerodynamics and flow measurements – Radiating shock layer- Ancient Aerospace- Aviation management
8Dr. I. Jeena JacobComputer Science: Biometric template security- Hyper spectral image classification- Coloured Texture Pattern 
9Dr. J. Sahaya RubenCivil Engineering: latex treated waste coir fiber- Concrete Reinforced with Hybrid Fibers- Reinforcement Material increment
10Dr. Jeba Sonia JArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science
11Dr. H. SandeepManufacturing: Polymer Composites, Composite Materials processing, Powder Metallurgy, Additive Manufacturing, Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Material synthesis and Characterization, Tribology.
12Dr. Dharun V SApplied Electronics: Speech signal processing , Medical image processing.
13Dr. Ganesan HMechanical Engineering: Optimization Technoque, Industrial Engineering, Morphological, Photoluminescence, Electrical and Photocatalytic Properties, Nanoparticles.
14Dr. Abhinav KumarMechanical Engineering: Cryogenics, Superconductivity, Concrete Structures, Energy Storage, Solar Energy, Fluid-Flow.
15Dr. Mamataben SoniAstrophysics: Neutron star, Black hole , Electronics, Quantum physics, Classical mechanics,Pulsar, Sunspot, applied physics
16Dr. BhavinKumarLife Sciences: Biotechnology Proteomics, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
17Dr. K.KALAIRAJA M.Com., MBA., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Management: Banking Management , Customer Relationship Management, Financial Accounting, Taxation Law and Practice, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Research Methodology
18Dr. Shubham SharmaMechanical Engineering: Polymer materials, additive manufacturing, Material fabrication and testing, Nano fluids in industrial applications, Tribology
19Dr. Kabirdoss DeviFinance &Accounting: Econometric and mathematical module , business Operations, Marketing , Human Resource Management.
20Dr. S. B. M. PriyaCommunication System: Regression Analysis- Principle Component Analysis- MU MIMO Precoder Design- MIMO Beamforming- MU MIMO Physical Layer Design- Massive MIMO systems (5G)-MIMO channel estimation-Analysis of MU MIMO with imperfect estimation- Deep Neural Networks- Markov Chain models
21Dr. UMA NATH UPharmacy & chemistry: Organic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemistry of natural products, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmacology, Cosmetology, Pharmaceutics, Inorganic chemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology

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