Courses Offered

Advance your career with our Industrial Certified Professional Courses

What we offer:

  • Jr. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (Join on Pedagog)
  • Jr. Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance (Join on Pedagog)
  • Jr. Diploma in Personal Health and Nutrition
  • Jr. Advanced Diploma in Lifestyle Habits
  • Jr. Diploma in Automobile Engineering
  • Jr. Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance
  • Jr. Diploma in Avionics
  • Jr. diploma in Nutrition and Health Science
  • Jr. Diploma in Aviation Instrumentation
  • Jr. Diploma in Satellite Technology
  • Jr. Diploma in Research Science
  • Jr. Diploma in Tools and Measurements
  • Jr. Diploma in Airport Planning and Airworthiness Law
  • Jr. Diploma in Air-hostesses and Ground Handling
  • Jr. Diploma in Life skills & Management
  • Jr. Diploma in Aviation Legislation
  • Professional Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Computer Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Information & Technology Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Research Science
  • Professional Diploma in Aviation Research
  • Professional Diploma in Software Design
  • Professional Diploma in Research Publication
  • Professional Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
  • Professional Diploma in Nutrition Science
  • Professional Diploma in Health Science
  • Professional Diploma in Vedic Research Science
  • Professional Certification in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Certification in Astrophysics
  • Professional Certification in Design Software
  • Professional Certified Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Certified Diploma in Effective communication in English
  • Professional Certified Diploma in Essential life skills
  • Professional Certified Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  • Professional Certified Diploma in Professional Sales
  • Professional Certification / Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Professional Certification/ Diploma in Organisational Behaviour
  • Professional Certification/ Diploma in Principles of Management
  • Professional Certification / Diploma Marketing Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Research
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Get certified and set yourself apart!

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